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Good Carpet Cleaner

Cross-American Portable Extractors Largest collection of industrial mobile extractors in the best possible rates. Easy navigation via our internet site and quick shipping to our clients. We’ll save our clients time, money, and assist our client make more cash with our goods.

350 psi x 2gpm ranked stream; Adjustable Recirculating feature combines solutions Solution tank pump-out attribute Power Sprayer attribute VACUUM: supplies up to 300 CFM’s two – 3 phase turbine epoxy coated 17,500 rpms x 11 amps every 1-famous Built-In BOOSTER System 17,400 rpms x 9 amp FILTERS: Quick clean easy accessibility layout. TANKS: High density distance era Poly material. Independent, interlocking comprising natural heating ventilation invention. Vacuum tank: Design retains air-flow at summit optimum functionality. 15 toaster Solution tank: 16 gallon. Both are see-thru for water level seeing. Option: Yellow, 1/4 industrial WAND: 12" x 1-jet High-Airflow layout w/ cushion grip WHEELS: 2-3" front suspension / 2-10" back rigid MOBILE HANDLE: Fully flexible to operators height taste. Additionally functions as a carrier for hoses. DIMENSIONS: 34"H x 30" L x 18"W approx. 85 pounds.

Alternatives: POWER BOOSTER System (#A805) provides added 100 cfm’s (entirely up to 400 cfm’s!!) Spray Gun: (#A1013) if you pre-spray until they rinse. Detailer instrument:-LRB-#A1012) for upholstery cleaning Hoses: added hoses accessible Heaters: Choice of: Red-Hot Rocket: (Number A1002-RH) electrical 1800 watts Propane.

The StingRay-II series includes the exact same fantastic attributes as the RECOIL-2, but with two 2-stage epoxy painted HP motors. StingRay-II includes 1 cord@17 amp along with also the StingRay-II HP includes 1 cord@19 amp. Designed for moderate to heavy usage.

The SIDEWINDER includes the very same attributes as the RECOIL-2, but with 1 3-stage epoxy painted HP motor.

Vacuum: 3-stage epoxy painted Air-Flow: 100 CFMs Tank: 8 gal / "pass-thru" system Other Specs: 6" backpacks. Approx. 25 pounds. / / 20"h x 20"l x 13"w / 10 amps / 120v.

Stress: 0-100 PSI adj. (on-demand) PSI Regulator: Exclusive electronically controlled Vacuum Motor: 3 Stage Epoxy Painted Tanks: 8 Gallon (Solution/Recovery) View-Thru Power-Spray Feature: Apply deo. /Spotters on-demand Hoses: 15′ Hoses w/ Vac swivel cuff Wand: 10" ss x 1 jet Wheels: 8" Rear Rigid x 3" Swivel Specs: 31"h x 20"l x 14"w / 47 pounds. / / 11 amps/ (1-25′ cable )

"View-Thru" Power Spray System: use deo. /visitors lanes. Hoses: 10′ caliber vac/PSI hoses w/swivel cuff.

New! The MITEY-ONE with electricity performance update. A effective 3-stage vacuum using a 100 PSI pump that is flexible. Add $100 with this particular alternative. Available direct just. Call for information.

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